Allow HPC-Toolset Demo external access

Hello we are looking into OpenOndemand and trying to look at the nice hpc-toolset demo pulled from

I have an internal OpenStack setup where I have my virtual machine and pulled down the containers and everything is working with that regard.

The virtual machine has no browser or X or remote forwarding to launch and interact it as if we were logged in to it directly so we would like to access the demo ‘remotely’. I have firewall rules which allow me to access the cloudfront interface on as well as the other ports.

When I am trying to get to the actual ondemand interface it keeps redirecting to localhost:3443. Is there a way to get the demo to all listen and use so we can test it out and see how the pieces connect together.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome! I’m not sure if this is possible out of the box. Here are some hacks you’d likely need to do:

  1. use the host network for the ood container. This will ensure that the hostname apache has to recognize is valid.
    Compose file version 3 reference | Docker Documentation
  2. Create and mount a file /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml that has the servername attribute that you’d like (i.e., not localhost).

And that may actually do it.

That said - if you have easy VM technology (like OpenStack) you may be better off just installing the .rpm (or .deb) and installing on the host directly.