App needs initializing before use

We have an Open Ondemand portal set up as a stateless image and in the image we have an app written in ruby that displays filesystem quota information on a page for the user. I have noticed that after a reboot when I use this app it says it need to be initialized before being used. Is there a way to get around this after a reboot and rebuild of the server?

These should persist through reboots. Though not rebuilds.

When you initialize a system app, files are being written here. Clicking ‘initialize’ on that page essentially will write a new file here, to give more routes for Nginx.


If you’re rebuilding then you have to re-initialize this app programmatically like how the RPM installs do.

First touch the file you want

Then run update_nginx_stage and it should produce /var/lib/ondemand-nginx/config/apps/sys/my_cool_app.conf

Thanks I will give this a try. I appreciate the help with this.

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