Apps of type batch_connect not showing up

All of my interactive apps and desktops are not showing up. The role in the manifest.yml is set to batch_connect and the clusters.d/cluster.yml file has the batch_connect tag in it. I have these working on a 2.0.8 test server but they are not working on a 2.0.9 production server that I am setting up. I have looked everywhere to figure out why they are not showing up. I have even removed the role on one and it shows up but as expected it does not run.

The role: batch_connect is very important, so you should keep it there.

I’d guess to triage, you can navigate directly to the URL and see what error is thrown. I’d guess for one reason or another, we’re marking them as invalid (perhaps erroneously), so the only way to see the error is to navigate there and see what the logs say.

We have an app called bc_osc_jupyter and when I navigate there, this is the URL. Try this URL and replace the app name as appropriate.


Thank you that did give me an error message:

Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /tmp/gdesktop-res

How do I fix this?

Wow, no idea why it’s trying to open a directory in /tmp. Do you have /tmp anywhere in your configurations (/etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml, etc)?

Thanks I will look around for that. I do not see it in any of the files in /etc/ood/config/*

I did find it in the form.yml.erb files. It is something left over from a previous version of ood and I am not sure why it is used so I recreated the file and now everything works.

:sweat_smile: You had me sweating there for a second thinking ood core did something really strange. OK let me know if there’s anything else odd about 2.0 and/or your apps.

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