Internal Server Error for a Single User

Hey All,

So a user who has had success in working with interactive apps in the past has just reported that she cannot access them anymore. She can start a job, but after that she gets the following on a normal page. She can still access the Cluster, Terminal, etc from OnDemand, but not her Interactive Apps page.

I am a bit mystified here as I can’t seem to reproduce it on any other user. Any ideas?

~ Joe G.

There’s something amiss with the files in this directory. Can you supply them to me to replicate? You can obsfucate whatever you like, but whatever fields you obsfucate you should keep them and just change their values.

As to the resolution of the issue - have the user clear all the files in that directory.


That indeed solved the immediate issue. We are both unsure how it could have happened, but she was switching back and forth between tcsh and bash for a bit and had some oddities in her .bash_profile that needed cleaning up.

Given I am going to upgrade to 3.0 soon, not sure if its worth investigating this too much as getting rid of the cache cleaned stuff up.

~ Joe G.

Yea I saw your on that version and that exact line of code still exists today. I assume the files are gone now? I still may be able to replicate, though I’ll have to trail and error.

In any case, all is not lost, just given that if it can happen once, it can definitely happen again - so I’ll file a bug ticket either way and see what I can see.