Batch Job as Interactive App

Has anyone here set up a batch job to run under “Interactive App” menu just to use the web form options?

  • Assuming that the job would submit and then fail to connect (or if there’s somehow a null connection value), then the job could just be viewed from “Active Jobs”.
  • Full path to file could be provided via one of the forms.

I know something more supported is being worked on here: job composer form builder · Issue #859 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub


Hey, I think that’s a fine idea. I think @rsettlag has something similar to this, can you speak to this Bob?

Yes, this is how our Maya app works. It is basically a web form to submit a rendering job. The connect button basically says, “be patient, job is running” until the job completes. I have been thinking I will change that to give a progress, basically have the job write some indicator and use that to update the button… so many cool things to do …