Building a launcher with scaling options for MATLAB

Hi friendly folk,

I am tasked with creating a MATLAB launcher that gives the user the option to scale either in parallel on multiple cores on a single node or distributed across multiple cores on multiple nodes.

Eventually, this will be expanded to be used with different modules like mathematica and comsol.

I am not very familiar with cluster computing and have only messed around a little with ood, creating some helpful webpages in it. So anything pointing me in the right direction would be great.

I was looking at this repo, trying to figure out if it is something I could use:

Thank you in advance!

@zmunro do you plan to write your project as an interactive app for Open OnDemand? If so then that repository is an excellent resource as it is the production interactive Matlab app at OSC. We have some pointers for developing a custom interactive application available here:

If you want an OOD installation to play with we have a Vagrant environment that provisions a web node and a compute node with the Slurm scheduler and the base OOD installed: That environment is a good place to test new OnDemand modules, but installing all the requirements for something like Matlab or the VNC Desktop applications has not been done for you.