Can ondemand talk to HTC condor

Hello all,

I’m part of a research group that is looking to set up a web gateway for open science grid by modifying ondemand to talk with OSG’s chosen batch system htc-condor.

However before getting started I’m wondering two things :

  1. Has anyone has done this before.
  2. Is there any documentation floating around about how on demand works under the hood I can better understand where to modify it.

Hi and welcome!

No, currently there’s no support for htcondor - though we’d like to have it, it’s just not on our plate at this time. Pull requests welcome! Feel free to open and/or comment on tickets in the ood_core gem (GitHub - OSC/ood_core: Open OnDemand core library) where all this works is done.

Not terribly good documentation, but I’ll give you this. This github user mnakao built support for the Fujitsu TCS scheduler. We call these adapters and they all have the same basic interface, so that’s essentially the nuts and bolts of how we schedule jobs at the lowest layers.

Additionally, we have this README on how to develop OnDemand’s dashboard and the ood_core gem.