Can Open Demand be commercially supported?

Currently, we are considering Open Demand as a WebUI job submission tool for user proposals.
Can Open Demand be commercially supported (Level 2 or Level 3)?
If commercial support is possible, I would like to discuss the cost.
Please tell me who to consult.

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Hi and welcome!

Not to my knowledge, at least not generically. I mean, there are some HPC companies around here that deploy Open OnDemand for you and set up other stuff (Slurm/LDAP and so on) - but I believe they only support their deployments, not Open OnDemand generically.

That is - Open OnDemand is a part of their offering that they support, but they often provide a whole array of other things as well.

Thank you for replying.
We are now trying to propose SLURM as a job scheduler. Therefore, WebUI is required, and we are thinking of proposing Open OnDemand as well. Doesn’t the OSC provide commercial support for Open On Demand? If you know of a company that provides commercial support for Open OnDemand, please let me know.

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Corvid comes to mind I think because I just recently answered a post by @GKlouse. There are others I’m sure, but I don’t recall any off the top of my head.

But again, I want to say they support a whole suite of offerings, not just Open OnDemand.


To add to what Jeff said, we do NOT offer paid support, but we do offer general free support. You might be interested in this recent case study we posted: Idaho National Laboratory study demonstrates the impact of incorporating Open OnDemand into an HPC environment | Ohio Supercomputer Center

Note this quote from it:

INL quickly found that the community of users provided a wealth of support. When they needed help that they could not find within the community, the OSC team stepped up to support them.

“I cannot speak highly enough of OSC,” Biggs said. “The OSC team has been incredible in not only developing and adding new features, but also just the response times. They’ve been better than paid products.”

Thanks Jeff,


We have deployed open ondemand successfully on our cluster for commercial access to our HPC resources. We have internal Admin and Cybersecurity teams who stood it up and configured it. We utilize SLURM as well, and the system works great. I love what Jeff and the team at OSC have created here!

If you are looking for a support service contract to stand up an instance for your needs, I would say it’s something we could discuss, however we do not outright offer this as a service. We could likely consult with you if the circumstances are appropriate.

Let me know what you’re looking for and we can discuss further if you’d like.

Thanks for the response!

You may be able to direct message each other on this platform. Or you can continue to use this thread so that maybe other folks can find these services too.

@GKlouse I get the sense there’s an appetite for this type of support should you need another revenue stream.

We have an active group of solutions architect here at AWS supporting our research customers running OOD on AWS ParallelCluster. If you are running OOD on AWS, let me know.

Thank you for you information. I’ll inquire them for more details.

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