Can't get VNC to work

I can’t get VNC to work. I see that the vnc server itself works, and I can get a turbvnc client to connect to it, but the “novnc” button never works, and I don’t see where to find log output for this failure.

on the /var/log/ondemand-ngingx/user/error.log, I get something like this:

App 1433719 output: [2023-07-20 16:14:25 +0000 ]  INFO "execve = [{\"SLURM_CONF\"=>\"/etc/slurm-llnl/slurm.conf\"}, \"/usr/bin/squeue\", \"--all\", \"--states=all\", \"--noconvert\", \"-o\", \"\\u001E%a\\u001F%A\\u001F%B\\u001F%c\\u001F%C\\u001F%d\\u001F%D\\u001F%e\\u001F%E\\u001F%f\\u001F%F\\u001F%g\\u001F%G\\u001F%h\\u001F%H\\u001F%i\\u001F%I\\u001F%j\\u001F%J\\u001F%k\\u001F%K\\u001F%l\\u001F%L\\u001F%m\\u001F%M\\u001F%n\\u001F%N\\u001F%o\\u001F%O\\u001F%q\\u001F%P\\u001F%Q\\u001F%r\\u001F%S\\u001F%t\\u001F%T\\u001F%u\\u001F%U\\u001F%v\\u001F%V\\u001F%w\\u001F%W\\u001F%x\\u001F%X\\u001F%y\\u001F%Y\\u001F%z\\u001F%Z\\u001F%b\", \"-j\", \"3622\"]"
App 1433719 output: [2023-07-20 16:14:25 +0000 ]  INFO "method=GET path=/pun/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/sessions.js format=js controller=BatchConnect::SessionsController action=index status=200 duration=50.98 view=27.68"

Could you share the submit.yml?

For the logs, after the launch do you get a session card in the interactive apps view? If so, you should be able to click the session id to then see the files written during launch. to include the vnc.log.

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