Change default job folder path

I have had requests from users if the default folder path for jobs could be changed. I read in one message thread that this could be done by changing the OOD_DATAROOT environment variable. But it didn’t specify where to do that? In .bashrc file elsewhere?
Could someone tell me where to set that so that it only affects the user and not for everyone?


Hi! You’d add it in /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env but it would be system wide, for all users. And, I don’t know if it could be computed (I’d had trouble setting $USER in it, so it may be the same for everyone!).

Unfortunately, we don’t really have user specific configurations yet. I can supply an initializer that could change the data root, but again, it would affect all users.

Feel free to vote on this ticket with a +1 or -1 so we get a sense of if the community wants it (to you and anyone else who sees this in the future).

Thanks. Hopefully this can be added ability for user config option to override the global ones.