Change sys apps path

I see there was another thread which may be related to this: Change default location of /var/www/ood/apps

Is changing the sys apps path not possible? If not, why the nginx_stage.yml seems to be configurable?
I see nothing here: nginx_stage.yml — Open OnDemand 3.1.0 documentation mentioning the “only” path we can configure is the “dev” one.
Is there any plan to allow this customization?

If you read the docs in the nginx_stage you shared you see a setting to do exactly this called app_root. It lets you set either the dev, sys, or usr to a location of your choosing.

Yes, that’s my point. It is documented but the setting of “sys” path doesn’t really make any difference.
Checking the other conversation I linked in my previous message (the first of the 2 links) it seems the sys path is hardcoded in the dashboard app: ondemand/apps/dashboard/app/apps/sys_router.rb at master · OSC/ondemand · GitHub

That’s why I was wondering if that can be changed or at least mentioned in the documentation (since I spent quite some time trying to understand why was not working)

Ok, I didn’t get that from the post. You may have found a bug. I’ll have to check on my side to see and open an issue if so.

There’s already an issue opened long time ago but I think never addressed: Make path to /var/www/ood/apps apps directory easily configurable · Issue #782 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub

haha, ok. Looks like this is an old issue and it’s still open. I’m going to open another issue against the docs to remove that setting for now as well since it doesn’t work.

So, app_root works in case of “dev”, so that part in the documentation is fine.
Instead, the “sys” path setting seems not to work. I didn’t test the “usr” path but it looks also hardcoded in the dashboard app.
Anyway, thanks for opening an issue to update the documentation. Is there a plan to allow the customization of “sys” path?

There’s nothing on the road map to address this at the moment. But, I’ve updated the github issue to label this as a bug and community request which will bump up the priority. We have weekly meetings around those issues so this helps ensure the work is prioritized. I will try to circle back when I know more.