Change the UI colors based on url?

Our OOD instance is accessed from multiple institutions. I’d like to change the colors of the UI based on which institution’s link was used to access OOD.

Is that possible?
Perhaps there could be two OOD web servers running on different ports with only one config file changed?

Not in 2.0, but in 2.1 you’ll be able to style one installation based on the hostname being requested. So 2.1 will respond to multiple hostnames and style itself differently for each hostname based on configuration.

Is there a rough estimate on when 2.1 might be available?

Last week I would have told you soon. We have rc8 in production at OSC and we found a critical bug so we had to update. We’re putting rc9 into production on Monday.

It could be next week baring any other show stopping bugs, but I’d say the week after that is not unreasonable.