Create a batch connector for nicdcv


I work from many years with engineframe and NiceDCV, and we have decided to remove engineframe. I want to create a batch connector for dcv (i’m in testing mode, i use batch connecter to start dcv sessions)
but i have one problem : i can retrieve the password with varible password, but i need a variable sessionname (or other name…) like password, how do that ?

For the moment i use variable port …
And when you cancel a job, run ?

Ok with conn_param,
next step create a or epilog i think

I have an on-demand app for this. It SSHes to the DCV server and gets a URL to a session, one gets created if it does not exist, and redirects the user to it. To generate the URL I use DCV external Auth, the dcvauth service to generate the tokens for the URL.
I’ll tidy that up into sometime and push to GitHub next week.

I do it with slurm, and that’s work fine :slight_smile: now i need to create a or epilog on slurm :slight_smile: