Create a batch connector for nicdcv


I work from many years with engineframe and NiceDCV, and we have decided to remove engineframe. I want to create a batch connector for dcv (i’m in testing mode, i use batch connecter to start dcv sessions)
but i have one problem : i can retrieve the password with varible password, but i need a variable sessionname (or other name…) like password, how do that ?

For the moment i use variable port …
And when you cancel a job, run ?

Ok with conn_param,
next step create a or epilog i think

I have an on-demand app for this. It SSHes to the DCV server and gets a URL to a session, one gets created if it does not exist, and redirects the user to it. To generate the URL I use DCV external Auth, the dcvauth service to generate the tokens for the URL.
I’ll tidy that up into sometime and push to GitHub next week.

I do it with slurm, and that’s work fine :slight_smile: now i need to create a or epilog on slurm :slight_smile:

Did you get NiceDCV integration working? I’m deploying OOD into AWS with Parallel Cluster as the backend and figuring out how to integrate the desktops with NiceDCV is on my roadmap.

@Neil_Prockter @jlebard would you be able to share the App for AWS NICE DVC to be used with Open OnDemand or details related to your implementation?

We are looking into deploying AWS PCluster, OOD and DCV… and I’m a bit unsure on how to implement a simple DVC solution, so if anyone has experience - please let me know :slight_smile: