Create a custom landing page of the website before login

Hi there,

I have configured Google SSO as an authentication method to login and it is working.
I would like to further improve the user experience by creating a landing page before login to indicate users that they are logging into ondemand website. Is this something I can configure in ood_portal.yml?

Currently, when I browse the URL of where OOD is at, it straight redirects me to google authentication.


Hi and thanks for the question.

The only customization that you can do around something like this would be if you are using ‘dex’ than there is some customization possible which is documented here:

Outside that I’m not aware of a way to customize that particular page.

Hi Travis,

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think I need a customisation on that particular page on google SSO. What I want is the page before going to google SSO. The website structure I envision is

  1. Users browse URL of the OOD server
  2. They are redirected to a landing page. In this page, I can have a link for users to login with SSO. (This is the page I want)
  3. Users are redirected to google SSO page. This does not require customisation

Do you know if anyone has done it before?


We don’t have anything documented for that, but I did find a previous Discourse about something like this:

Now, this does look to have some possible buggy-ness to it in how it may present and what happens if someone clicks cancel but this does provide a way to show a page before the login.

The previous discourse solved what I wanted to do. Thank you!

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