Content for Initial Auth Page

So, we have our site up in beta, and it is working well. I just want to make a couple of tweaks. One in particular, when someone visits our site they get a blank page with a request for user and password. Where would I go about adding content for that initial access? I’m not sure if I broke something, or am not finding existing info about it in documentation. Either way, I’d appreciate a point in the right direction!
Wayne State University

Depending on what auth method you chose, the answers may (or may not) vary. I have settings in


that include


which displays /var/www/ood/public/header.png. That file has a branding image.

I also have


which allows me to put messages in yaml format to display on the landing page, e.g., on my dev system

type: warning

msg: |

This is OnDemand Dev - a development and test server; nothing is safe here.

This is covered (mostly) in the Branding Section of the docs as I remember it. Also check out


as you may get some more ideas from the various examples there.





As for the initial page prior to login, if you are referring to Basic Auth, yes its blank until you authenticate. One proposal was The idea is you take these steps:

  1. Add a static start page to /var/www/ood/public/start.html which is your unauthenticated home page. There is a link on it called “Login” that links to /pun/sys/dashboard i.e. <a href="/pun/sys/dashboard">Login</a>
  2. Set root_uri: '/public/start.html' in /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml
  3. Run sudo /opt/ood/ood-portal-generator/sbin/update_ood_portal to update Apache config
  4. Run sudo systemctl restart httpd24-httpd to restart Apache

Then if you go to the root of the OnDemand instance / you are presented with the login page. You click login, and (at least in Firefox) and the Basic Auth dialog appears over the static login page:

Of course this doesn’t work as well normal login pages. If you press cancel, you end up at /pun/sys/dashboard with an error:

And any other URL that requires authentication, like going directly to /pun/sys/dashboard, will show a blank screen till you login. I’m unaware of another approach to have the desired effect using Apache, without using another authentication module.

Thanks! I’ll give this a go! Appreciate the quick response! :slight_smile:

Yep, did manage to update the dashboard. It’s the page before authenticating that I was curious about. efranz responded with the info I needed. Thanks for keeping an eye on the bard though!!!