Multiple authentication methods


I would like to know if it’s possible to set up two types of authentication. For example, currently, when accessing the URL of my OOD instance, I am automatically redirected to my SAML (Shibboleth) login. However, I intend to add a pre-login page, as instructed in Content for Initial Auth Page - #3 by efranz. And then, I would also like to provide another authentication method, OAuth2 in this case, to authenticate with Google. Is this possible?


That post is incredibly old and I’m baffled why he was using Basic Auth as it isn’t even secure.

There’s nothing in the docs or configurations for this that I can find. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t build something yourself, but no there is no officially supported way you could do this.

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You cannot configure apache to use 2 different authentication methods for the same Location. That’s the heart of this issue. Apache can only use 1 authentication method per Location.

So with that in mind - what you’d need is some separate component to federate users. Something like KeyCloak may work here. KeyCloak may be able to allow your users to login from here or there, but then it maps that user to the local user and it’s what apache uses for that Location.

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Hello Travis and Jeff!

Thank you very much for the response!