Nicer auth interface for PAM authentication?


I have OOD set up to use PAM authentication and it works fine.

However, the authentication process is that what looks like a Basic Authentication dialog pops up.
I would like to have a nicer/custom sign-in page where I can tell users to enter their username and password.

Is that possible, and if so how would I do that?

Not that I’m aware of. Though - different auth mechanisms do allow for this. Dex as an example you can change the page. I’m sure Keycloak is similar.

Thanks. Seems like this Apache module might do it for me. I’ll report back whether I can get it to work.

It also seems like this module accomplishes something similar:

For both of these, I think i will need to generate some LoadModule statements in the apache config file. How can I do that in ood_portal.yml? Or do I need to edit whatever template it uses?

Add the load directives to a separate .conf file.

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