Custom location for ondemand config

By default when an app is used on onDemand it’s config is stored in ~/.ondemand/data.
Is there a way this location can be customized during install,

Say like ~/.ondemand-2.0.1/data, when we have different versions of ondemand running sharing the same underlying disk, we want a way to isolate the config file / data of those in separate directories.

I’m not aware of anything that lets you do that, but I could be mistaken with the soon to be released OOD 2.1.

@jeff.ohrstrom do you know if the profiles changes do anything with this?

We use the ondemand_portal setting to separate our installations. Though these are really separate installations, like very different configs and very different use cases.

So we have a portal we call AweSim which has an ondemand_portal setting of awesim which then creates ~/awesim/data for that portal.

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Thanks @jeff.ohrstrom , that worked for me.

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