Dashboard : selective view of Interactive Apps list

is it possible to implement a group access field into the manifest.yml file to show/hide this entry into the dashboard Interactive Apps list ? something like ACLS dedicated to Application access.

the idea is to configure by example a “Fluent” access list populated with groups or users id. this access list, named Fluent , will be refered into the manifest.yml file.

i have notice that the documentation refers only to FACLs, which is not very explicit way of managing access to applications.

thanks for your time


So the example given here and here describe using a supplemental group such as fluent and chgrp the app dir tofluent.

In your case if the file system of the host running OnDemand supports ACLs, you could chmod 700 the app directory, then manage the ACLs of that directory directly, adding both groups and individual users.

In fact, the developer views with app sharing enabled allows users to manage access to their apps using FACLs

But that web form for managing user and group acls is only provided for NSF4 facls and hidden by a feature flag so it has to be enabled via a Rails initializer.

But that web form is just a helper around using nfs4_getfacl/nfs4_setfacl (or in the future getfacl/setfacl as well).