Dashboard Tile Size Options


We are currently in the process of customizing our dashboard and getting it to look how we want it to, but we are having an issue when it comes to pinned app tile size. We feel the default tiles are taking up too much of the vertical space and would like to shrink them at least by 25% or so.

Is there a variable or a simple way to alter the sizes of these icons with a config under /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/? Or would we need to go into something like the sys/dashboard/app/assets/builds/application.css to make these changes?

If the latter, what would need to be changed assuming any changes in there would not break the dashboard or OOD somewhere else?

I’m failing to see anything in the docs and discourse other than that the bigger tiles were introduced at some point in version 2.0.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


Hello, and welcome to the Open OnDemand Discourse community!

I am currently attempting to setup a way to prove a possible solution for this, however, it’s taking some time to implement due to the nature of my development setup and I doubt I’ll have much more time to look into this until tomorrow. While I’m working on that so that I can maybe provide further insight, here’s where I’m starting:

You can provide an array of paths custom_css_files (Customizations — Open OnDemand 3.1.0 documentation) which will load last on a page to override existing styles. Here, you can override the classes we have defined in our pinned_apps.scss file (ondemand/apps/dashboard/app/javascript/stylesheets/pinned_apps.scss at f679037e321e2e735ad16ff0de4c798c78cb275d · abujeda/ondemand · GitHub).

You’re right that there is no variable or simple way to alter the icon sizes, but I would also not recommend modifying sys/dashboard/app/assets/builds/application.css directly - which is why I’m thinking a custom override will give you the access you need to these classes. Because we define the height and width of these icons dynamically using SCSS, you may find that overriding the styling is a bit finicky.

Let me know if this helps, and feel free to ask any clarifying questions you need.

Hello, and thank you!

This sounds like a good start, and we’ll also investigate on our end as well.

Overall, we are trying to keep most of any changes contained within the /etc/ood/config directories to keep the main installs as agnostic as possible since we have multiple system types we support.