Web customization in OpenOnDemand version 3.0.1

Hi Support,

I would like to implement the following two changes in the main page of OpenOnDemand version 3.0.1:-

  1. How to change the size of pinned apps in Open ondemand v3.0.1?
  2. As I have grouped the pinned apps by sub-category, how to specify the display order in the main page in Open onDemand v3.0.1? For my scenario as shown below:-
    I would like to change the display order:-
  • Program Development Tools
  • File Management and SSH Access
  • Interactive
  • HPC Job Management



Unfortunately the sizes on the pinned app icons cannot currently be changed or set, and the same goes for the ordering.

Currently only the width, some text, and coloring of the boxes can be set:

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