Disable Host Link in Batch Connect for One Application


Is this also designed to be done per application? If so how can I do that?


Hi! I’m moving this into feature requests as that seems to be what it is. Because right now, that’s a global setting not per app.

That said, you’re more likely to keep our attention as a feature request if it were an issue on Github, so feel free to open the same issue there. Also, pull requests are welcome! We can possibly help guide you through what all would need to be modified if you’re interested in implementing the feature.

Thanks, thinking this through more, our site will actually use this global setting for now, and pursue a feature request on GitHub.

We don’t explicitly ban ssh to compute but we want to simplify the buttons for the users :slight_smile: For example, if one is providing an interactive shell app, we want them to click on the right ‘Connect’ one!