Removing ssh connection button on Interactive Apps


I noticed that the new version of OpenOndemand has a button on the hostname when launching the interactive apps. Since we don’t allow users to ssh in compute nodes, I would like to disable it. Is there a configuration option to remove the button?

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There is no configuration option that targets that particular feature. It should be possible to write a custom initializer to remove the control. I am working on an example of how to do this.

Sorry for the delayed response. The code that is responsible for this part of OnDemand is not easily altered by our usual approach of using custom initializers. Version 1.7 will use an environment variable to toggle this feature. In the mean time if you are willing to edit the live code have a sudoer make the following change:

# /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/app/helpers/batch_connect/sessions_helper.rb

def host(session)
    content_tag(:p) do
      concat content_tag(:strong, t('dashboard.batch_connect_sessions_stats_host'))
      concat " "
      concat || t('dashboard.batch_connect_sessions_stats_undetermined_host')
    end if session.running?

This is going to be in 1.7 release

Were you’ll be able to set