Documentation example for cacheable incorrect?

At User Form — Open OnDemand 2.0.13 documentation and the corresponding page for previous versions, the section on the ‘cacheable’ parameter reads

cacheable (Boolean, true)
whether the form item is cacheable or not


        cacheable: true

The item is not cacheable

        cacheable: true

Shouldn’t it be cacheable: false to make the item not cacheable?

Thanks! You’re absolutely right. I’ve submitted a patch to our docs.

Thanks again! This is being pushed out to latest now.

Glad to help. Just FYI, the change is published for 2.0, still incorrect for 1.8, if you have cycle to backport to the 1.8 version, which we are still running.

I submitted what I think is a PR to backport this change to the 1.8 branch. Hope I did it right.

It’s just fine! Thanks again.