Undefined method cacheable

Trying the interactive Jupyter Server App based on bc_osc_jupyter example

When I open my Jupyter server launch form I keep seeing this warning on the top

"Unable to use previously cached values, using defaults instead. (undefined method `cacheable?’ for nil:NilClass)

I tried adding and removing ‘cacheable: false’ under my cluster variable inside form.yml but either dint help. It still gives undefined method warning in both cases. What am I missing ? Thanks for your time.


I think we fixed this bug in 1.8.x upgrades. There was a bug where when you had a field called X then removed it, now it’s been cached but can’t be applied to the form anymore. In any case you can can upgrade and you won’t see the error anymore.

Or you can remove your context file from


if it’s a system app (sys) named jupyter. Or maybe here if it’s a dev app by the same name.