Enduser access via OOD App to web portal on internal network

Hi Everyone,

We have implemented Open OnDemand in our HPC environment with great success and been able to get OOD Apps deployed. However, this time we have a web service/system running permanently in our network which we would like to connect to using an OOD App.

Being a bit more specific, we have a web console of this database system which we would like to users to be able to access, meaning served out through a OOD App.

USERS → OOD Portal → (network of the inside – connecting to web server) → Web DB console

In general, does anyone have a app configuration that enables users to connect to a specific permanent web portal (on the inside) through an OOD App, that they would be able to share, as I’m a bit unsure how to achieve this?

…and please comment and I will be happy to share more details!

Hello, and welcome to the OOD Discourse community! I am intrigued by this question and would like to know more about what it is you’re trying to do. When you say that you’ve deployed OOD apps, do you mean through our interactive app development? So what you’re looking to build is a standalone interactive app for this DB console?

I definitely look forward to any insights from the community on this question as well. I would think that this is going to come down to modifying the script file, but I could go down a lot of different routes of investigation with this question so I look forward to more details.