Error: no HOME environment variable for single user

I have one user who keeps getting the following errors with interactive apps in OnDemand 3.0.0:

Error: no HOME environment variable
vncserver: The HOME environment variable is not set.

Following the information provided in this post, it did not resolve the issue. I recreated the user’s account which also didn’t resolve the issue. I manually set the HOME environment variable in their .bashrc and in the submission script of our test app, neither of which resolved the issue. I am completely stumped.

If it’s only 1 user, yes I would look at their ~/.bashrc and/or ~/.profile and/or any other file they may be using (other shell profile if they use say zsh or something other than bash).

What type of scheduler are you using?

We’re using Slurm. I’ll check their .profile as I haven’t checked that yet.

Turns out there is no .profile. We’re using RHEL 7.9.

Is bash their login shell?

Yes it is.

echo $SHELL

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