Vncserver: The HOME environment variable is not set

Receiving the above when attempting to start an Interactive Desktop.

[2023-09-15T13:45:17.384] error: Failed to get current user environment variables
[2023-09-15T13:45:17.384] error: _get_user_env: Unable to get user’s local environment, running only with passed environment
[2023-09-15T13:45:17.384] Launching batch job 25 for UID 1001


Since that’s coming from a Slurm deamon it’s a little out of our wheelhouse.

Do you get errors like that when running jobs that you’d issue from the command line? I.e., do you get the same errors without OnDemand?

User wasn’t created on compute node.
Fixed the user replication to compute nodes. Thanks.

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