Evaluating auto_accounts to populate the field text

When using auto_accounts in the form, the first time a user with a single account opens the form, the field appears blank. When they click into the field, it creates a pop up with the account name which can then be selected. Future jobs will have that account name showing via the cache. Is it possible to populate the field automatically with the first account name (in this case, the only account name) rather than having the field appear to be blank? If so, how might I go about doing that? We are using OOD version 2.0.32.


Hi and welcome!

I had to look this up - auto_accounts was not a part of 2.0, so I’m not sure what you’re using in the form. If you’re indeed on 3.0 and in fact using our auto_accounts then I’m even more puzzled as there should be no blank fields.

Can you confirm you’re using 2.0 and if so, try to find where this auto_accounts is coming from? If you’re on 2.0, then auto_accounts is something that you’ve defined, not Open OnDemand.

Ah, ok. It appears that we are indeed using 2.0. It seemed to be auto populating, on preliminary testing, with our user IDs (not sure how that was happening), which are very similar to our account names. Because I believed that auto_accounts was defined, I assumed it was passing the information to slurm without the need to add it to the submit script. So, the basic tests were just running with a default account, and did not fail. I’ve switched to using a text field for account (and referencing that in the submit.yml.erb) until we are able to update our version of OOD. We have only recently begun assigning a second account name for some users. As a result, it was (until now) not necessary to provide a field for account name, since each user only had a single account.

Thanks for your help!


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