Exposing Job Composer as a REST API?

As the Open OnDemand folks continue working on the new job composer, I’m wondering what it would take to expose basic job management functionality via a REST API?

Some key pieces I can think of needing off the top of my head would be:

  1. Functionality for Apache to accept an API key or bearer token only for the REST API endpoint, while all the other URLs in OOD still use whatever authentication is configured by the admin.
  2. Functionality to restrict who can generate API keys and how, similar to the way sandbox development privileges are enabled.

Would this be of interest to anyone else? Has it already been raised and discussed?

IDK if it’s been raised for the new job composer specifically, but it has in the past maybe in more general terms but still around this functionality and maybe file management to.

It’s not on our roadmap to open any API. Not because they’re a bad idea, but mostly because we just don’t have the time & personnel to do so.

We (the maintainers) can barely get the new job composer out the door in time, let alone an API to boot. It’s really just a function of what can we do/deliver in a given time frame. When you choose to do something you choose not to do 10 other things. And APIs are a lot of work, not only in initial development but mostly in maintenance and version compatibility. It’s just too much for us to take on.