Getting interactive desktops to work with gnome3


I’ve configured open ondemand and interactive desktop. My vnc client servers are running gnome 3 and I tried setting up interactive desktop for it but failed miserably. The errors I got a very similar to what’s described here: Session briefly starts then immediately crashes; User authentication problem? - #3 by ekeever1
Then I shifted the desktop for one of the servers to xfce and was able to connect to interactive desktop just fine. I’m not looking to migrate to xfce or downgrade to gnome 2, instead I wanna make gnome 3 work. I guess the starting point would be to modify the as gconftool-2 package used by it is not compatible with gnome3. Also, would need to troubleshoot why

/etc/X11/xinit/Xsession gnome-session

returns “Terminated”. Can you guys please provide the following?

  1. Explain the problem, in general, with gnome 3?
  2. Path to open-ondemand installation?
  3. Path to the template directory for desktop bash files. I plan to create a new file in the directory that would potentially be compatible with gnome 3. I can see that template file is available at the following path but I fail to find it.

Cheers, thanks,



found the template directory at