Gnome 3 Support for Interactive Desktops


Open Ondemand supports gnome 2 which is fairly outdated. Current Redhat and Redhat downstream OS (Rocky Linux, Alma Linux etc.) have been released with gnome 3 and 4. We have the company systems setup around gnome for users and with open ondemand deployment, we have this issue of having to move to xfce or mate. This would involve testing all enterprise applications and documentation to make users familiar with the new interface. Can we please have support for gnome 3? Is there a plan to support it in near future?


As someone who has an interest in remote desktop technologies, the situation with Wayland is still very bad. I consider is completely unusable.
None of the devs for mutter/kwin etc have really bothered at all with headless support, at most, they have some basic screen sharing, but no replacement for just starting a remote vnc server headlessly, typically no support for resizing the desktop either (since all the focus is on screen sharing).
3D rendering on headless/offscreen remote desktop is also even worse off. You won’t have any VirtualGL anymore in a EGL future. I’m hopeful that we could reach a point where we can headlessly start wayland desktops but with direct rendering support, but we are not there yet.

Any X11 desktop should work, but gnome3 was really quite awful over VNC last i tried it (unusable laggy)

Sorry I didn’t mention this at the time, I created this ticket upstream to do the work.

Though I can’t comment on it’s usefulness.

I can’t run ANY of them. Looks like the deb packages somehow come with the configurations for redhead…