Gnome 3 situation

The documentation at 1. Software Requirements — Open OnDemand 2.0.20 documentation says that one has to install

Gnome Desktop 2 (currently we do not support Gnome 3)

Yet the link which is supposed to point to Gnome 2 points to Gnome 3. AFAIK Gnome 2 is long dead and unsupported (even though Mate started as a fork of it, but that is a different story). So at least the link should be removed and some sentence should be added “for people running really old OSes”.

I am running RH8 and in my situation it’s an extreme pain to have to install Mate or XFCE (long story). Is running Gnome 3 close to impossible? Any plan to have it supported for the foreseeable future? Any chance to run a GUI apps (perhaps in full screen only) via OnDemand VNC without a desktop manager?