Google chrome browser phase out third party cookie on Jan 4 2024


Google Chrome will phase out third-party cookies on January 4, 2024. For more details, please refer to the link (Prepare for phasing out third-party cookies  |  Privacy Sandbox  |  Google for Developers). I would like to know if there will be any impact on Open OnDemand once Google Chrome phases out third-party cookies. Our Open OnDemand version is v3.0.1.


I’m pretty sure there won’t be any issue. I went through the steps on that page to force enables this new change and verified that our production instance of OnDemand at OSC seems to be working fine. I do see us having a lot of cookies marked SameSite=None, but they don’t seem to impact anything obvious. I’m sure @jeff.ohrstrom will chime in with more details at some point.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your information.