Hierarchy in plugin menu

Hi All,
Will there be a way to add hierarchy to the plugin selection menu?
It would be nice to be able to organize plugins inside collapsible folders. This would give the administrator a way to structure plugins (e.g. plugins with different versions or containerized / non-containerized plugins).



You should already be able to change their hierarchy, but the idea of them being collapsible maybe new, so that’s cool!

It comes down to the manifest.yml file. Specifically the category and subcategory attributes.

Though I’m not sure if you can change ‘Desktops’ unless you duplicate the app (or risk editing the source file and losing the update on rpm updates).

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@rotaugenlaubfrosch how deep of a hierarchy would you want to support?

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Putting them in subcategories works great - It would be nice if they were collapsible.
I think a depth of 3 would already be enough. It’s just an idea :slight_smile: