How to add a new page

Hello, i am a student and i work on your project !
I would like to add a button from the dashboard to go to my new page but I don’t understand your route system (routes.rb in all page, dashboard / config, myjobs / config etc).
Can you explain to me how the logic works please for add a new page in yours project ?

Can you clarify what you mean by new page and where you want the link to appear in the dashboard?

The routes.rb just followes the normal Rails conventions

I would like to make a step by step page to facilitate job creation like screenshot. This page would contain buttons to direct the user to the different configuration pages. I would like to locate it either instead of Jobs or integrate the buttons directly on the Job Composer page.

The “Job Composer” is a separate app. If you want to modify it you will make changes to files under apps/myjobs (the original name of the job composer was “My Jobs”, it was easier to change the title than the directory name so thats what we did but the directory and URL remained unchanged).

This is its own Rails application. you can actually start it the OnDemand developer environment or by itself by cd-ing to that directory and running bin/rails server. If using the OnDemand developer environment, you could clone the repo to a directory, and symlink ~/ondemand/dev/myjobs => /path/to/your/clone/apps/myjobs and then you can access it via the url

BTW that would be a very cool addition.