How to hide app version

We have a drop down menu of software versions that the user can select for each of our apps.
Is there a way to hide the version: that is displayed right after the app name? In our case, it is showing the git commit for our app.
I see that if a file named VERSION is in the app directory, it will display the version that is in that file instead of the git commit but we want to hide this version: tag



You can customize the presented version to a string for the user in the form by following the steps you see here in the docs to modify the attributes for that select:
The options are going to be what you want to use to change what the user sees vs what you are really submitting.

Thanks, we got that part working, here is an example of the version string we don’t want

Ok, try removing the .git folder and the VERSION file and that should do the trick.

Thanks, I’ll rename the .git directory to _git and change it back as needed.

Revisiting this, you can also put unknown in the VERSION file and that will disable this feature.

Thanks, this works and can keep the directory as .git