How to install OOD on Suse12sp4


After a well done install on CentOS 7.6, i have to install OOD on there’s a lot of dependencies, what process do you recommend me to realize this topic ? Thanks

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It would seem like the best thing would be to follow a build from source directions for 1.6.7. Someone on my team was working on providing that. I’ll see what the progress is and if we can get this shared soon.

Hi, Eric.

have you got some news on this topic ?


Hi Jean-Marie, I am the “someone” for the from-source work thus far.

I updated our installation directions to include a from-source path: I just checked to see how broken a zypper install of the OSC-provided dependencies would be. I am disappointed, but not surprised to see that despite being RPM-based, openSUSE systems cannot naively install those dependencies.

In particular OnDemand has the following dependencies:

  • Apache 2.4
  • Git 2.9
  • NGINX 1.14
  • Node 6.11
  • Passenger 5.3
  • Ruby 2.4

Note that we built our own version of Passenger (build script on Github), and Passenger has to be linked against NGINX. Also complicating matters is that certain pieces of OnDemand’s infrastructure such as nginx_stage and ood-portal-generator expect to find Apache rooted in its Software Collections’ defined directory: /opt/rh/httpd24/root.

So there are still open questions on how best to go about a build from source process that is completely OSC-RPM-free. My colleague Jeff (@jeff.ohrstrom ) has expressed interest in defining the build from source process for both SUSE and Debian based systems.

The Open ondemand ansible role has support for Suse.

It should be said, as it is in the README, this is still a work in progress. The runs I’ve been using last week and today produce some zombie process’. Which is to say, this install procedure is not yet production ready, not by a long shot. So, use patience and caution as we update it.

I’m testing on opensuse tumbleweed 20190921 right now, the only thing that I’ve found that are different are package names that I’ve already gotten through. Again, I’m on opensuse so I don’t know the verion of Ruby on Suse 12sp4, but you’ll need Apache 2.4, Ruby 2.4 and nodejs 6.11 as Morgan mentions above. Those are the 2 big items. This role takes care of at least Passenger and Nginx.

@jms27000 where you able to try this out? I’ve not gotten any feedback on the role itself and there are several debian folks along with yourself who I’ve suggested it to.

Hi, Jeff

Sorry for the delay to answer to your question about using Ansible.

I have spent some time this morning to learn what is the Ansible plateform. As the port to Suse12sp4 is not our priority, but is defined as a target, i propose to delay this action to the end of the year, to stay focus on the install of OOD on our actual HPC based on CentOS+NIS, & SSGE 8.1.6.

I will tell you when i’ll start on Ansible

Have a nice day


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