How to set default global cluster

How to set default global cluster.

I know you can set sefault cluster on job templates.
But we want to define our default cluster as selected in the dropdown when using the job composer.

I would like this added as a metadata info
default_cluster: true

or in /etc/ood/config/apps/myjobs/env

I want to create the patch if i get a push in the right direction.

I opened which describes the changes to make. In the short term it is easier to have the configuration be based in the env.

I think “default_cluster: true” in metadata of the cluster config is interesting. Though I wonder if we would add that to the job section instead, such as jobs: default: true as we are looking at supporting a default for login as well i.e login: default: true. Is there a use case to vary the two? Maybe not…