Installing OnDemand on Amazon linux 2

I have been successfully running OnDemand on centos7, now I just wanted to try it out on amazon linux 2. (I understand that there’s no official support for OnDemand on AL2 but looking to move this route for some 3rd party app support we need on OnDemand, we want to see if this is a possibility)
I get this 502 Bad Gateway on the dashboard page on running it, even though the installation went pretty smoothly.

Now, in this situation, where do I start to debug this issue, did anyone else try it on AL2?
I checked the httpd error_logs, that gives a segmentation fault, with no other info,

[notice] child pid 3683 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

Looking to gather as much info as possible, apologies, if this is vague, I can post any other logs that will be necessary.

Hi Naveen.

Thanks for this post. I want to point you to our AWS Specific instructions to see if that helps. If it doesn’t help, then we can go from there.

Please see Workshop Studio and let’s see what that gets us.


Thanks for that, I see the installation is a done a bit differently there, so OnDemand itself, seems to be installed on Centos8, but parallelCluster running on AL2 registers to that Centos8 instance.

Thanks for follow-up.

Did this resolve your problem?


No, we are hoping to move everything to AL2 but we will give this a try.

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