Deploying Open OnDemand on AWS


I’m trying to deploy Open OnDemand on AWS (us-east-1) by following these instructions: Workshop Studio. However, the installation fails to complete.

The first error message is regarding the creation of a database instance.

The error message flags that it is trying to use the db.t3.small class. When I go directly to the RDS service, I see only db.t3.medium and db.t3.large classes are available.

Does anyone have any workarounds or suggestions?

Thank you

I’m sorry, but we may not be able to provide a lot of guidance here as we (OSC) did not develop this and have never ran it (at least to my knowledge). That said there’s another similar topic - Error in deploying Open OnDemand on AWS

@cpollard0 provides some information on that topic, though I don’t know if it was ever resolved.

Also - hi and welcome!

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Hi Michael.

Please use this GitHub - aws-samples/open-on-demand-on-aws to deploy OODv3 in your AWS environment. That workshop is out-dated. Please reach out to me directly ( you can message me on this platform) if you need further assistance.


Jianjun: I’ve updated the GitHub - aws-samples/open-on-demand-on-aws redirect to point to this github repo instead of the workshop. That should steer most people towards it.

thank you @alanc, @jxuamazon, @jeff.ohrstrom

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