Error in deploying Open OnDemand on AWS


I’m trying to deploy OOD on AWS as seen the following URL linking from Open OnDemand official page. But I’ve encountered an error during deployment and would like some help.

In [Deplpyment] → [Deploying OOD Portal], I create a stack using CloudFormation. The content I have described is the same as the web page. I encountered the following error;

It seems to be an error that the directory listed in S3 cannot be deleted during deployment, do you know how to fix it?

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I’m sorry, I’m unfamiliar with that product. @alanc do we have an AWS contact? I don’t seem to recall meeting anyone from AWS.

Hey Masahiro,

The error your getting is a symptom of a deployment failure. Can you please check the CloudFormation events and identify the first failure that you’re noticing? Once you’ve found the first failure, please share it so that I can update the workshop or provide further guidance.

To clean up the failed deployment, you’ll need to either empty the buckets or delete the stack and retain the buckets. To empty the buckets, you can click on “Resources” in the CloudFormation console and identify the S3 buckets that weren’t deleted as part of the failed deployment. Then, click the hyperlink to the bucket which will open a new tab to the S3 console. You can delete the objects from there.

After you’ve emptied the buckets, go back to CloudFormation, click on the stack that’s in the “Rollback Failed” state, and click “Delete”.

That should clean up the old stack.

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