Is there an easy way to move OoD to a new server?

There is a requirement I have to use the latest AMI in AWS which requires a rebuild each time of OoD. Is there a script that already exists that would assist in this move?

Is there a different way to create another server that replicates the current server ? Failover ?


Sounds like you need some automation. We have support for both Ansible and puppet for installing and configuring OOD.

You’re not requesting a new RPM to be built every time you need a new machine right?

Correct, no new RPM each time.
Yes on the automation. Generally I use AWS launch templates and have the script run on build, pulling necessary files from S3.


Yea I’m not super familiar with AWS outside of ansible. I’ve used ansible to provision & configure cloud resources a bunch but never AWS launch templates.

In any case - seems like ansible (and the osc.open_ondemand role specifically) is what you want.


Perfect. Thank you this is very helpful.

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