Interactive desktops not starting on correct node type

After updating my test server to 2.0.13 our interactive desktops are not starting on the node type selected even though the node type is set correctly in the user_defined_context.json file.

cluster aci
desktop mate
aci_account wff3_b_g_sc_default
bc_num_hours 1
node_type ppn=4:stmem:rhel7
bc_email_on_started 0

what it is starting is a |ppn=4:basic:rhel7| node_type. I do not know how it is getting this node type. Any ideas on where to look would help thanks.

I got this fixed. I am not sure why but we had a native vnc desktop that was going to the right node so I made a copy of that and turned it into a vnc desktop and now it works.