Is there any information on the API for Open OnDemand file operations?

I am trying to perform uploads and other functions in the Files app from the command line with the curl command.
I am making the following request
I am getting an HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error.
I think there is a mistake in the request.
I could not find the correct way to make the request by looking at the messages and logs.
It would be helpful to have documentation on the API for file manipulation.
Does information about the API exist?

curl -H “Origin:” -H “Cookie: _session_id=f8e53608d9a6708ebbc1b763f91b1f44” -H “X-CSRF-Token: vfB/7ZPMTLx1EsxQttkB0XozqGvBP3GyLC6bqyOfhe761nuTqlpQbkIWMhA8fHGNiB/zjPsF57t6jJM/HBPE2Q==” -H “Referer:” -F “name=file;filename=@test2” -X POST --basic -u ood:ood

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Hello and welcome!

I apologize, but I think I need to ask some questions to understand this.

Are you using the Shell app which was launched from the Files app to run the curl command?

The Files app is there to provide a GUI interface for users to manipulate files, so there is not really an API to use or document.

If you’re trying to programmatically transfer files to your cluster you should just use linux utilities like rsync or scp to copy the files. They’re going to prove much more stable and cause less headache in terms of programming.

Thank you for your response.

I am not running curl in the Shell app.

Thanks for pointing out that there is no API documentation
We will look into a GUI or some other method of transfer.

Thanks for the advice on rsync, scp, etc.
Consider using a GUI or linux utility to transfer.

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