Issue accessing home dir via Interactive desktop

I have setup interactive desktop on our cluster and all seems to be okay. However, when I double click on the home directory folder I get


I did some checking on Discourse here and didn’t seem to find anything to indicate what’s going on. I can access my home dir fine through OOD ootherwise.

Thank you for your help

If I google transport endpoint is not connected it seems to be an issue with how that NFS file system is mounted on that machine (through fuse?).

I’d suggest opening a terminal either in your interactive desktop, OnDemand or just putty to that same machine (the compute node the job is running on) and see what the behavior is.

I also found this gist suggesting it’s a common issue with gvfs.

My absolutely off the top guess is the scheduler isn’t quite mounting that directory quite right during the jobs execution. Like there’s an incorrect cgroup or mounting command.

Thanks I looked further into that. The node didn’t have gvfsd-fuse (which may or may not be part of the problem). I found another post and did

fusermount -zu /home/aweaver1/.gvfs

which worked. I will continue to troubleshoot what might be going on with GVFS. Issue closed