Job composer problem after update to ansible role 3.0

Hi @jeff.ohrstrom , I am trying to fix the job composer problem after updated OpenOndemand to version 3.0. I have read some of the topics that I know I need to updated the rdoc to fix it. I ran gem install rdoc -v 6.3.3 to update it, so I got

[cloud-user@ondemand ~]$ gem which rdoc

but ondemand seems still using the old one, could you please provide me with a hint what I was doing incorrectly?

[cloud-user@ondemand ~]$ ls /usr/share/gems/gems/
bigdecimal-3.0.0  bundler-2.2.24  erb-2.2.0  io-console-0.5.7  irb-1.2.6  json-2.5.1  psych-3.3.2  rake-13.0.1  rdoc-


[cloud-user@ondemand ~]$ rpm -q rubygem-rdoc

By the way, dnf upgrade did fix this issue, but it broke some other stuff, so we have to roll back by reimage the instance.

This location seems to be specific to the cloud-user user. It’s not a system location.

I think this is coming from the ondemand-gems package specifically - so maybe just updating/refreshing it would suffice.

I’ve reproduced this in a test environment. This had OOD v2 installed (via ood-ansible v2.0.8). Running ood-ansible v3.0.6 resulted in an error Could not find rdoc-6.3.3 in any of the sources in the job composer.

I can’t work out where the problem is here (I tracked down the requirement for this version to here, but couldn’t work out what’s driving the appropriate package install).

What I can say is that running dnf install rubygem-rdoc upgraded that package from to 6.3.3-141.module+el8.6.0+1002+a7dba0ac and fixed the problem.

I’ll wait and see if @Kenny wants to close this as fixed, but if it helps anyone else I’m happy to grab info out of the test environment before/after upgrade from v2 to v3.

Thank you @lost , I am just wondering if @jeff.ohrstrom has any thoughts on this?