Job composer template notes not formatting html

See the paragraph on the right, there’s <p> and <code> where there shouldn’t be.

template manifest:

name: Matlab
notes: |
  Running at MATLAB script using using just one node
  (note that `-b` takes a command, not a file; also some toolboxes may require the jvm,
  so you may not want the `-nojvm` option, but try it first).

Is this a known bug? Did I do something wrong?

This may be a bug. It is using the class below to ingest the manifest.yml:

Notice it is checking to see if by default we want to store that input as rendered markdown.

That environment variable is by default set to true here:

So, this seems to always result in that type of output where you see the rendering having already happened.

I’m currently trying to see in the view what happens and if there is any way to get that markdown to render there correctly.

I’ll circle back and post the issue explain the behavior fully when I see what’s going on.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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