Job templates: unparsed html p-tags wrap description ("notes") text

Is there a workaround for eliminating the spurious html tags enrobing the job-template description “notes”?


$ cat /etc/ood/config/apps/myjobs/templates/intro_ex1/manifest.yml
name: "Intro exercise #1"
host: monsoon
notes: "test template"

This was raised before but seems to still have the same behavior. (I’m not proficient enough in Ruby to gather much from the sources provided there.)

I don’t see anything in the custom job templates documentation about defining the note text as raw/markdown/html/etc but I’d be curious to know if such an option existed.

Pro-tip for future readers:
If you set notes: '' then nothing will display/render in that area at all, if you want to just force a clean look.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a work around for that issue.

There has been extensive work toward a replacement job submission app, which means most issues like this won’t get picked up due to priorities and capacity limits on the dev team.

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