Job Composer to support using existing directories as job directories

This discussion started in the mailing list:

The suggestion is this:

treat a provided directory as the staging directory (not copying). Maybe
just adding a manifest.yml to that provided directory. Ideally allowing
users to just use the GUI rather than navigate over a plain ssh

I think there are two thoughts here:

  1. Provide a new option to the New Job list: Use Specified Path. Instead of copying the job directory to
  2. Choosing the path should provide a file chooser dialog experience rather than just ask the user for a full path in a text field

Since a “Job” in Job Composer is really a job directory, it would seem implementing this (except for the file chooser) would be straight forward. I think the form should set the Workflow#staged_dir to the path to use instead of the Workflow#staging_template_dir.

Note: the file chooser could make use of the same Files API server side to get the directory listing etc.

This would streamline the process for adding a single directory that already exists as a job directory to the Job Composer. I guess if you do this a warning should be given if you are adding a directory like this that you do not own.

The only negatives is that it would be pointing to a completely different location than the “default project” directory. What would be best is if this feature were added in conjunction with the new project management interface we’ve internally discussed adding to Job Composer, where a project == a new parent directory for job directories (related issue With both of these features in place one could imagine a simple view to add a check list of existing directories under a project directory as job directories all at once.

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Like this:

The default job name could be the $(parent_dir_name)/$(dir_name) (pseudocode). If we wanted to get fancy, we could turn the Browse button into a button dropdown to let you select the same directory shortcuts we show in the Dashboard app when launching the Files app.

I think the form should set the Workflow#staged_dir to the path to use instead of the Workflow#staging_template_dir .

By this I meant a new form for new_use_specified_path instead of new_from_specified_path would vary by copying the same form then modifying the line that sets staging_template_dir to set staged_dir instead. And of course whatever complexity is involved in integrating a file chooser dialog.